Why Superman Chose the Blue & Red Suit (Not the Black Suit)

Man of Steel director Zack Snyder reveals why Superman (Henry Cavill) chose the red and blue suit rather than the black one in the movie.

Director Zack Snyder reveals why Superman chose the red and blue suit rather than the black one in Man of Steel. Superman’s suit is an important aspect of his superhero identity, in both the comics and other media. The black suit, sometimes called the Recovery Suit, is especially interesting to fans, as it’s only been used sparingly in the DC Extended Universe. Superman wears it briefly in Man of Steel, however, only during a nightmare vision created by General Zod. Many fans have been hoping the black suit will make a more substantial appearance at some point.

This also explains why fans were so excited by Snyder’s reveal in December 2019 that Superman would have worn the black suit in his version of Justice League. What’s more, fans will likely see this come to fruition, as his Snyder Cut is now an actual project on the way at HBO Max. Considering the number of teases Snyder has shared from his cut of Justice League, fans will see a lot more than just Superman’s black suit.

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Just before the announcement about the Snyder Cut release, the director hosted a watch party for Man of Steel. On his Vero page, Snyder explained his reasoning for different aspects of the film, including why Superman chose the red and blue suit rather than a black one. According to Snyder:

The House of El’s family suit would be the black suit, but the suit facing out into the public, the suit he says ‘you’ll help them attain wonders,’ that suit is the suit of optimism in my opinion. The red and blue suit, to me, is more inclusive. it’s a friendlier suit.

Snyder’s comments about the suit choice make sense, especially considering how important image is to superheroes. While the black suit would have been an interesting change for Superman and Man of Steel, the red and blue suit is iconic for a reason. Even fans who were hoping to see the black suit in a bigger capacity during the movie have to understand the choice. It also helps that Snyder clearly gave Superman’s decision a lot of thought. Plus, the director wasn’t completely opposed to the idea; his picture of Cavill wearing the black suit in the Snyder Cut was even captioned “my Superman.”

Unfortunately, the Snyder Cut of Justice League won’t come out until 2021, so fans have awhile before they’ll see the black suit in action there. It will also be interesting to see the role it plays, including how long Superman wears it for and in what context. As it is the Recovery Suit, its presence in Justice League makes a lot of sense. However, until the Snyder Cut is released, fans will have to make do with this interesting Man of Steel reveal from Snyder.

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Source: Zack Snyder/Vero

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