The Internet Now Wants To Cancel Sebastian Stan For Racist Post Row

They may play some of the most beloved heroes on the big screen, but many Marvel stars have come under fire on social media for various reasons in recent months. Remember when Ant-Man‘s Evangeline Lilly downplayed the danger of coronavirus a while back? Well, the latest to be in the hot seat is Bucky Barnes himself, Sebastian Stan.

Ahead of his return to the role in Disney Plus’ The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Stan has become embroiled in controversy on Twitter, leading to the hashtag #sebastianstanisoverparty trending nationwide. The storm was whipped up by an Instagram post featuring the actor’s partner Alejandra Onieva dressed as a Geisha for what appeared to be an Asian-themed costume party.

When fans criticized the content of the photo as “racist,” both Oneiva and Stan began liberally blocking people, rather than making the apology that folks were after. And suffice it to say, that’s only caused more issues, with fans now calling to cancel the MCU star.

also so everyone knows why #sebastianstanisoverparty is trending, Sebastians gf posted this old photo which is very racist, and some of sebastians (old) fans posted about it on insta asking for it to be taken down, instead of taking it down sebastian and his gf blocked them

— maya ミ☆ (@stantfatws) July 14, 2020

blair dumped him for a reason #sebastianstanisoverparty

— grace (@bIairswaldofs) July 14, 2020

stan twink tom instead #sebastianstanisoverparty

— eury, ceo of loving jonathan pine (@orphiedice) July 14, 2020

sebastian is a grown man and the way he handled the situation was really bad, don’t defend him, please 😐#sebastianstanisoverparty

— bowie LAURA DAY (@g4yloki) July 14, 2020

Are you fucking kidding me. 💀

— Henry Cavill and David Bowie kings (@haroldfineline) July 14, 2020

soooooo …. I got blocked by Sebastian Stan for exposing his racist gf

— STAN TOM HIDDLESTON (@angelas550) July 14, 2020

can’t believe anthony mackie played both parts😻💅#sebastianstanisoverparty

— megs:) (@mysticbishops) July 14, 2020

#sebastianstanisoverparty god. I,Tonya is one of my favorite movies and u just had to ruin urself didnt u 🙄

— Dija hates Spain Seb ≛ (@bvckyrie) July 15, 2020

if sebastian stan’s pr team is reading this, i used stan that man. i saw his movies in theatres and supported his career and shitty movies. i would like a refund #sebastianstanisoverparty

— tisha ミ☆ (@buckysskywalker) July 14, 2020

crazy how bucky barnes just plays himself in the mcu… his impact >>> #sebastianstanisoverparty

— Linds🌿 (@samwilsonstoes) July 14, 2020

#sebastianstanisoverparty who tf is sebastian. This the only sebastian i know.

— APPLE JUICE (@booganyay) July 14, 2020

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Of course, not everyone is jumping on board the #sebastianstanisoverparty bandwagon. Many are blasting fans for piling on something that they believe has been blown out of proportion.

People really trying to cancel Sebastian Stan over his girl wearing a kimono #sebastianstanisoverparty

— David (@D4V3_02) July 14, 2020

Some are even arguing that Stan and Onieva have every right to block those who are hitting back at something that was posted two years ago and on neither of their accounts.

So fans stalk Alejandra, find a picture that was posted by her friend on HER account from 2yrs ago in Asian garb with 0 backstory, flood Seb Stan with disgusting DMs then get mad when they’re blocked and start #sebastianstanisoverparty Bitch please, get a life.

— tealovinhatter (@tealovinhatter) July 14, 2020

On the other hand, those on the opposite side feel that we should be listening to and not “invalidating the feelings of the Asian community.”

stop defending seb and stop speaking over and invalidating the feelings of the asian community #sebastianstanisoverparty

— zach (@civiIswar) July 14, 2020

Of course, Stan and Onieva have also taken heat recently for their decision to go on vacation to Spain this month, despite the world being in the grips of a pandemic. Their trip was especially criticized after the star had previously remarked that he couldn’t imagine leaving New York during the COVID-19 quarantine.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, meanwhile, in which Sebastian Stan stars alongside Anthony Mackie, is expected to restart production again soon. It’s unknown when it’ll finally arrive on Disney Plus, but we imagine we’ll get at least the first half of it this year – if not the entire thing.

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