Tenet’s Final Trailer Provides Fans with More Time-Bending Action

Christopher Nolan’s Tenet, which arrives in theaters on September 3, releases its final trailer as early reviews from critics start to roll in.

Christopher Nolan’s upcoming film Tenet is set to be released on September 3, and Warner Bros. just released the final trailer. The film stars John David Washington as an unnamed CIA agent on some sort of covert mission. There’s also some form of time-bending, though Nolan insists the film does not deal with time travel. If that sounds like a vague plot description, that’s purposeful: Nolan has been very careful about not giving too much away.

Buzz about Tenet has been building for months. There’s been controversy over its release date, particularly the decision to release Tenet theatrically in the U.S. when many movie theaters are still closed. Early reviews are comparing it to Nolan’s similarly trippy Inception, though critics can’t agree whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing.

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Today, Warner Bros. released the final trailer for the film. It focuses heavily on large action sequences, where the previous trailers highlighted the espionage aspects of the plot. Even though the new trailer for Tenet clocks in at over three minutes, the plot of the film still isn’t completely clear. The full trailer can be seen below:

Apparently, Tenet’s story is confusing enough that even the film’s stars had trouble understanding it. Washington said he asked Nolan questions every day to help dial in his performance. Robert Pattinson, who costars in the film, said he has “no idea” what the movie is about. That confusion has been reflected in some of the film’s early reviews; one of the biggest complaints is that the plot is muddled and hard to follow.

With the new trailer being released so close to the Tenet’s theatrical debut, it seems like a final bid by Warner Bros. to get viewers into theaters. Releasing a new action-packed trailer could help sway viewers who are on the fence about going out to the movies. It’s still unclear whether or not returning to theaters is actually safe, with some doctors adamant that it’s not a good idea. Normally, given Nolan’s draw as a filmmaker, there wouldn’t be a huge risk of Tenet at least breaking even, but with the coronavirus pandemic, it’s impossible to say how that will affect viewership. Ticket sales have been strong so far in the U.K., but it remains to be seen how Tenet will perform in other markets.

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