Red Dead Online Halloween Update May Let Players Turn Into Ghost Animals

Red Dead Online players might be able to turn into four different ghostly animals when the game’s Peyote update goes live this Halloween season.

An upcoming Red Dead Online Halloween update may give players the ability to turn into ghost animals. After complaints of a lack of content got so bad that players actually started protesting in-game, Red Dead Online has been a bit steadier with its updates lately, even as a recent patch actually introduced a host of new bugs before quickly being removed.

Red Dead Online’s animals are an essential aspect of players’ immersion into the Western-themed game from Rockstar. Able to hunt and skin various creatures and sell their pelts or use them to craft outfits, fans get to experience a watered-down version of rugged living that also benefits their characters. From the upcoming legendary white coyote to the banded gator, there are a myriad of dangerous predators whose pelts are useful to players.

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A video posted on YouTube by Red Dead Guides suggests that more animals could be coming to Red Dead Online with the Halloween update, and the creatures possess ghostly appearances to reflect the spooky time of year. There are four ghost animals that may be popping up soon: a boar, buck, possum, and rabbit. Allegedly, players will have the ability to turn into these animals by consuming an herb. Moreover, the RDO community discovered files harboring voice lines representative of Halloween content that may be coming with the holiday’s Peyote update. Rockstar, however, has not confirmed whether players will be able to transform into these beasts when the update launches, rendering the information speculative for the time being.

Red Dead Redemption 2 took the gaming industry by storm when it launched in October 2018. With an immersive story experience and characters that are both lovable and detestable, the game is a testament to Rockstar’s adept storytelling. However, its online counterpart has been a mixture of entertainment and disappointment, with the community split between enjoying the multiplayer content and showing their animosity for its massive bugs. While glitches are inevitable in a game of this size, there are limits to what should be considered justifiable, and multiple patches that utterly break the game cross that brittle line.

Regardless, the ability to transform into animals is an interesting prospect for a game that is otherwise grounded in the real world (minus things like the ability to drink alcohol to cure gunshot wounds to the face and animals that are far more aggressive than they would be in real life). The supposed addition of ghost animals with the Peyote update could be just the fantastical twist players need to distract them from their recent frustrations with the game, though Rockstar would have to ensure the update doesn’t end up a broken mess if it wants to give players a treat for Halloween.

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Red Dead Online is available on PC, PlayStation 4, Stadia, and Xbox One.

Source: Red Dead Guides

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