Best Horror Movies On Hulu (September 2020)

Last Updated: September 7, 2020

Hulu has a great selection of horror movies, and here are the best of the best. With the streaming wars in full swing, it’s absolutely essential that every major service represent every main genre of film well, as that’s doubly true for horror. Horror fans are always ravenous for new content to watch, and there can pretty much never be enough of it on tap.

Thankfully, Hulu doesn’t come up short in that regard, with the best horror movies on Hulu giving rival services Netflix and Amazon Prime a run for their money when it comes to quality of available fright flicks. From iconic classics to recent indie hits, Hulu has clearly put a good amount of effort into assembling a line-up of horror films that offers something to please just about every dedicated horror fan.

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Without any further ado, here are the best horror movies on Hulu, available to stream right this minute. The selections are presented in alphabetical order.


While often classified as a sci-fi/thriller, Coherence is also very much a horror movie, although not one of the blood, guts, and jumps kind. Coherence’s horror is existential, following as it does a group of eight friends who gather for a dinner party, only to find themselves questioning reality after a comet passing overhead leads to strange events occurring. Written and directed by James Ward Byrkit, Coherence is the perfect Hulu pick for anyone looking to see a movie that messes with their mind.


The horror genre is full of great flicks pitting human against hungry animal, and one of the best in recent memory is Crawl, now available on Hulu. Crawl sees a Florida college student head home to check on her dad, only to find that he’s been attacked by a large alligator in the basement. As a large hurricane floods their area, daughter and father must find a way to escape or be turned into gator chow.

The Devil’s Rejects

Director Rob Zombie’s greatest cinematic triumph is still 2005’s The Devil’s Rejects, a loose sequel to his debut film, House of 1000 Corpses. The now on Hulu sequel sees Otis, Baby, and Captain Spaulding head out on a crime spree for the ages after police assault the Firefly Family ranch, and kill most of the clan. Working against the trio is Sheriff Wydell, a sadistic lawman arguably even worse than his targets.

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Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter

Arguably the best Friday the 13th movie this side of the 1980 original, The Final Chapter certainly didn’t live up to its name, but it delivers everything Jason fans want. The kills are gory, harsh, and plentiful, there’s lots of nudity and sexual content, and Jason’s greatest nemesis Tommy Jarvis is introduced. To top it off, Jason dies as a human in amazing fashion, before part 6 would resurrect him as an unstoppable zombie. For slasher fans, this is definitely one of the best horror movies on Hulu.

Hellbound: Hellraiser 2

Rarely does a horror sequel earn as good a reputation as the original, but 1988’s Hellbound: Hellraiser 2 comes close. In the film, directed by Tony Randel, Kirsty Cotton (Ashley Laurence) heads into Hell to try and save her stranded father Larry, only to run afoul of her evil uncle Frank, wicked stepmother Julia, and of course, Cenobite leader Pinhead. Containing both shocking gore effects and exquisitely dark visions of a blue-lit netherworld, Hellbound: Hellraiser 2 is unquestionably one of the best horror movies available on Hulu.

The Lodge

Sometimes kids just aren’t willing to accept a potential new step-mom, and that’s especially true when their biological mother recently died by suicide, as is the case in The Lodge. Aiden and Mia’s dad wants them to get to know his fiance Grace, but things go sideways after their plan to spend the holidays together at a remote lodge are interrupted by possibly supernatural events. The Lodge is a slow-burn, but patient viewers will find it to be one of the best horror movies on Hulu.

Mom and Dad

There are lots of horror movies about evil kids targeting their parents, but surprisingly few about the reverse, perhaps because putting children in mortal danger is still kind of frowned upon. That’s exactly what 2018’s Mom and Dad does, taking place during a mysterious event in which parents turn murderous toward their own offspring, and allowing Nicolas Cage and Selma Blair to go absolutely nuts as two such parental units.

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While not his feature debut, 2014’s Oculus was the first Hollywood film for Mike Flanagan, now one of horror’s most celebrated working directors. Oculus isn’t his best work, but it’s great on its own merits, presenting the tale of two siblings seeking to prove that an evil mirror was responsible for all the tragedy that’s befallen their family over the years. Along the way, Hulu viewers will be treated to some supremely freaky scenes, as Flanagan consistently plays with the timeline and the idea of what’s real and what’s imaginary.


Produced by J.J. Abrams and directed by Julius Avery, 2018’s Overlord makes the horrors of World War II a bit more literal, offering up bloodthirsty monsters that result from genetic experiments performed by the Nazis. After their plane is shot down, a group of American soldiers finds themselves behind enemy lines, and tasked with the mission of destroying a Nazi radio tower inside an old church. Unfortunately, that building is also home to truly twisted mad science, in this recent Hulu hit.

A Quiet Place

A nail-biting mix of horror and sci-fi, A Quiet Place boasts enough tension and suspense for any Hulu user looking to spend time on the edge of their seat. Directed by and starring John Krasinksi, A Quiet Place follows the Abbott family as they lead a mostly noiseless life after an apocalyptic alien invasion. These creatures hunt by sound, and any little noise someone makes could conceivably be the last thing they ever do.

Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale

There are lots of horror films set at Christmas time, but 2010’s Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale is one of the best in recent memory. A Finnish film, Rare Exports purports to expose the long buried truth about Santa Claus and the origins of the jolly gift-giver. It turns out Santa’s roots aren’t as benign as one might think. Jalmari Helander directs this critically acclaimed import addition to the best horror movies on Hulu.

Tragedy Girls

Tragedy Girls is an arguably even darker on the classic 1989 black high school comedy Heathers. X-Men franchise vets Brianna Hildebrand and Alexandra Shipp star as two teenage girls who turn investigating a series of murders in their small town into a brush with social media stardom. The problem is, they eventually catch the killer, leaving the pair to start claiming victims themselves in order to keep their wild ride going.

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